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Roland Bouchat was born in Paris France in 1963.

He discovered that music was his passion at the age of 15. He had the opportunity to listen to a large variety of music via radio and a small "disque" shop in France where he used to spend his Saturdays afternoon and some week evenings with his friends. At this time, there was only one way to discover new artists, to listen to their vinyls. Vinyls were the only way music was available to the public at this time.

This is in this small shop that Roland discovered a whole variety of music. Roland was insatiable.

His father, who also loves music and was an harmonica player, offered Roland to go to music school. Roland welcomed this proposition and went to the "Conservatoire de Musique" in Garches Les Gonnesses. This is where Roland studied all the fundamentals of music. Roland was an assiduous student and a hard worker. He was one of the most brilliant student and graduated 2 years of study in only one year.

Student of Classical Guitar with Master and Guitar concertist Ehat Musa.

Playing classical music as always been a real pleasure for Roland, practising and rehearsing has never been a problem for him; he knew that this was the key to success.

He first wrote a piece of music for theatre; "Le roi se meurt" (The king is dying) by E. Ionesco in 1987 in Paris.

This has been a real success. The Director was very pleased with Roland's music and gave him another piece to work on, "Le meurtre d'Anabelle" for which Roland has been asked to play live his composition during the play. He also performed sound effects.

Later on, Roland concentrated on some more popular music and went from classical, to punk, and rock bands; this was quite a change. His knowledge in music, gave him the opportunity and the ability to create some very unique piece of Rock/Pop music.

Few years later, Roland composed two songs for a successful Arabic artist, this was a specific demand from an artist with Arabic history, Roland enjoyed this new style and new adventure. This was for him the opportunity to create some very colourful music, enter new scales and music genre, with rhythms and emotion.

Roland is also a humanist; he has always been inspirited by what was happening in the world this is why he contacted the United Nations World Food Program.

He was asked to compose for them a tailor made piece of music for their video with a great impact on the recognition of the situation faced by the world in the 21th century.

He also played and composed for 3 years with the Something Can Be Done About It band. His songs were part of two charity CDs distributed to raise awareness about the danger of drugs and the real need for proper moral behaviour conduct among people.

Roland has also composed for an amazing artist, writer of comic books, who has been published online.

Roland also had the amazing opportunity to compose for projects for some of the biggest brand names; Audi, OMO, HSBC, Nokia, Robinsons, Vodaphone.

Then Roland had the opportunity to travel to South Africa, where he met some good musicians and discovered new music styles and ways of seeing music.

Again Roland's abilities and immense inspiration allowed him to meet and play rapidly with local famous musicians, make friends with them, play gigs, face the situation with ease and to create 9 new songs of a complete different styles for a charity CD.

Song Writing Studio Composing
Song Writing Studio Composing